Myths About Behavior That Are Killing You And Your Business

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This presentation is for you, only for you. WHY???  Do you know that 90 % of the advice given in the last 5 decades regarding Body Language and Behavior has been debunked by science? YES, DEBUNKED.

WHY do you need to take this class??? 

Because doing things wrong is worse than not doing them, maybe you are ruining sales, contracts, and relationships by doing things they taught you wrong.

  • There is a better way to do things,
  • There is a better way to create rapport,
  • There is a better way to get what you want.

 And this class is going to give you that…

 What are you going to learn in this 2-hour class:

    • Why / How  these behaviors are debunked 
    • Studies showing how are debunked
    • How to do it right
    • Q&A on other behavior you learn and want to confirm

Some of the topics we will talk about are: 

  • Body Language helps you to get a liar
  • 93 % of your communication is Body Language
  • If a person looks up to the right is telling the truth, if they look up to the left is lying
  • If a person crosses their arm is close to your idea
  • Smile, and the world will be smiling at you
  • Liar, don’t look at your eyes
  • Mirror everyone
  • First Impressions are on you
  • I can’t be influenced or manipulated
  • Technology to determine likability
  • Right labelling 
  • CSI effect 
  • People can’t read emotions with masks

Well, most of these are not valid. What things do you hear regarding Human Behavior you need help, want to ask, or know?

Looking forward to seeing you.

5 Myths About Behavior That Are Killing You And Your Business

We take Human Behavior to a new level and understanding to make it accessible to everyone to .



Get 5 Myths About Behavior That Are Killing You And Your Business.


WHY US ?!?!?

What do politicians, lawyers, sales reps, shark tank contestants, Lawyers and people like you need??? A profiler in their corner and the right coaching.

You don’t believe me?

Amber Heard's testimony and cross-examination – Anthony Wiener's press conference and Jamie Seminoff’s Shark Tank Pitch [inventor on the Ring door camera] all failed at selling their story.

It is not about the story, the product of the truth- is how you present it, how your body aligns with your words, and how YOU talk to people the way they need to be talked to, either in a courtroom or networking.

Be trusted and liked.

Using persuasion and influence, we prepare you to win in any scenario with behavior and science.

Who are your hosts

Susan Ibitz

You know who I am at this point, no?

Well, let me refresh some info for you. Born and raised in Latin America. My Dad was a bohemian artist and my Mom a Special Education teacher. We are 4 siblings now living all around the world. I got all my dreams crushed when, at the age of 17, I was told academic life was not in my horizon, furthermore a career in the FBI profiling unit even less. I am Dyslexic. Thank God for this, as I found out years later studying in the UK that the MI5 hired 5 profilers that NEEDED TO BE DYSLEXIC for every 10 that got in.

Elba Orive

Spoiler Alert: You're going to meet the other profiler(s) on the team. Elba is one of them. Let me introduce you to Elba

I'm Elba Orive, a profiler, a mum, and a wife. Yep, all in one…

But how did I get here? Let me give you a briefing of my story. I was born and raised in the Latin country of Guatemala. At the age of 9, I was diagnosed with DYSLEXIA, and for a country like mine, this is a direct path to failure. So I started my journey fighting for the things that I wanted. Every time that someone told me NO, I let the tiger out of the cage and proved them wrong. 

I know is not easy to be the underdog, but guess what? I was there too and I know how to help you learn and use the SUPERPOWERS that can change the way you see things. So let's do it together and become part of a new generation of SUPERHUMANS with INCREDIBLE SUPERPOWERS.


“Susan Ibitz is a global expert in face reading and is paid to teach others how to do what she does”.

Psychology Today

Susan Ibitz is the human equivalent of a polygraph machine.

Robert Nagler Miller

"Daaaaamn, “I thought to myself.” After getting read by her.”

Jerry Davich - Chicago Tribune

“Susan Ibitz is my secret weapon; I wish I had found her 15 years earlier”.

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