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Special Offer Only for $49,97 How to spot a Narcissist and Face Reading

  • What are the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria’s for a narcissistic personality disorder?
  • 9 point of criteria to identified NARCISSISTS
  • Characteristic difficulties in 2 or more of the 4 areas to identified NARCISSIST
  • How to identify these types of Eyebrows

Human Behavior Dictionary

You will learn

  • Face Reading Profiling
  • Body Language
  • Micro-expressions
  • Words – Elicitation – Statement content analysis 


BONUS 1 – Face Reading Profiling for you or someone else - AS A GIFT - 5 basic features.

BONUS 2 – 13 Behavior Myths you need to stop.

BONUS 3 – Workbook with images and explanations to take with you & practice

BONUS 4 – More than 100 pages of studies for you to keep.

BONUS 5 – Every other month, a live Open Class to practice, ask questions, and interact with your community. This is recorded for you to watch at any time.