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Body Language - Micro Expressions - Statement Analysis - Elicitation - Face Reading Profiling - Behavior
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"I would have sworn it was magic if she didn't have me doing it within 15 minutes. Give yourself that "unfair advantage" over your competitors”

Samuel I. Tanios
CEO - Human Elements Consulting


  • Can you determine if a person is Lying only by the Body Language? 
  • Can you determine if a person is Lying from the Micro-Expressions? 
  • Can you determine if a person is Lying by one Behavior Channel? 


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“Susan Ibitz is a global expert in face reading and is paid to teach others how to do what she does”.

Psychology Today

Susan Ibitz is the human equivalent of a polygraph machine.

Robert Nagler Miller

"Daaaaamn, “I thought to myself.” After getting read by her.”

Jerry Davich - Chicago Tribune

“Susan Ibitz is my secret weapon; I wish I had found her 15 years earlier”.

Athena Kasvkisi - Fastest Deal in the history of Shark Tank



Deception, lies, and behavior can be read by combining all the channels ONLY.

For almost 34 years I have been teaching, using, and coaching people with all the channels you can find in behavior, and most importantly the ones where you don't even need to talk to the person. NOBODY ELSE CAN DO THIS. WE ARE THE ONLY ONES DOING THIS. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME, GOOGLE IT =)

What is contained within the

Everything you need to become a HUMAN BEHAVIOR HACKER is all in one place.


First known from the work of Darwin in the 1800s, Desmond Morris and Ekman and Friedman in the 60s. Some theories say that we have 9 universal ME but Ekman and Friedman only recognize 7. We are going to teach you 9 [don't tell anyone].

Micro and Macro Expressions are not gestures, they are emotions in our faces. Now, emotions and feelings are not the same, so in order to understand Micro-Expressions you need to know the differences.

Body Language

The silent language or The visual language. The first book published about Body Language can be traced back to the 1500s. From all the channels, this is the most “WRONGLY TAUGHT". It is scary how many people give advice, talk or write about this, without having any idea what it is about, or worse, what it is not. AND THEY CALL THEMSELVES “EXPERTS”.

YOU CANNOT read Body Language from a picture, actually it is DANGEROUS to do this. Context is EVERYTHING in Deception Detection.

The worst Myths in Behavior are under the Body Language category and in the bonus section we are including the ones you need to forget about and even better we will show you how they really work.

Face Reading

Created and developed 5,000 years ago. You can find Face Reading in China, Korea, Europe, and even in the Kabbalah in the Torah. It’s how to find personality traits by features on the face. You basically can find everything about a person with just a picture – Crazy, no?

The last IG Nobel Prize was granted to a group of researchers who found out that you can measure the level of narcissism based on the tangled hair in the eyebrows, and we are teaching you this in the class too.

The controversy on the work done by Cambridge Analytica was based in part on "studying faces and profiling” and we are going to explain to you how Political Campaigning and Trials are won using this.

Harvard has studied Face Reading since 1886. Even the sexuality of a person can be measured, as well their money spending habits.


Better known as Statement Content Analysis or Forensic Analysis. SCA is the way to determine if a person is lying, omitting or evading a question, topic or answer. Forensic Analysis, is how they caught the Unabomber. Actually, the first arrest warrant based on language was granted in ’92 to the FBI. This is now admissible in some courts, based on research from this same case.

From anonymous letters to confessions, Language can give away more than any behavior, if you learn how to use it RIGHT. You can elicit in order to get people to tell you things even without asking and the person knowing how much they are revealing.


Is the way you use studies, pathologies, and strategies to profile a person. They are 5 types of personalities that are considered dangerous, and we bring you the top expert Psychologist to teach you how to spot them and what to do using all the channels.

Every other month, a live Open Class to practice, ask questions, and interact with your community. This is recorded for you to watch at any time.



  • BONUS 1 – Face Reading Profiling for you or someone else - AS A GIFT - 5 basic features.

  • BONUS 2 – 13 Behavior Myths you need to stop.


  • BONUS 4 – More than 100 pages of studies for you to keep.

  • Bonus 5 Every other month, a live Open Class to practice, ask questions, and interact with your community. This is recorded for you to watch at any time.
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Her programs on Body Language, Micro-Expressions, Face Reading Techniques help our clients be more aware of how they (and others) communicate – beyond the words they speak, which is indeed another dimension of “emotional intelligence”.

Blanche Roberts

CTC Chicago


You know who I am at this point, no?

Well, let me refresh some info for you. Born and raised in Latin America. My Dad was a bohemian artist and my Mom a Special Education teacher. We are 4 siblings now living all around the world. I got all my dreams crushed when, at the age of 17, I was told academic life was not in my horizon, furthermore a career in the FBI profiling unit even less. I am Dyslexic. Thank God for this, as I found out years later studying in the UK that the MI5 hired 5 profilers that NEEDED TO BE DYSLEXIC for every 10 that got in.

What do failure and crushed dreams bring you?

I am so happy I failed!!! Because that brings me here today to make this class for you, give you the SUPERPOWER TO BECOME A SUPERHUMAN. I have seen it before and I can't wait to see it on you.

So, get your magic wand ready, your cape or just your mask and let me tell how this class works to become a SUPERHUMAN with AMAZING SUPERPOWERS.

Spoiler Alert: You're going to meet the other profiler(s) on the team. Elba is one of them. Let me introduce you to Elba

I'm Elba Orive, a profiler, a mum, and a wife. Yep, all in one…

But how did I get here? Let me give you a briefing of my story. I was born and raised in the Latin country of Guatemala. At the age of 9, I was diagnosed with DYSLEXIA, and for a country like mine, this is a direct path to failure. So I started my journey fighting for the things that I wanted. Every time that someone told me NO, I let the tiger out of the cage and proved them wrong. 

I know is not easy to be the underdog, but guess what? I was there too and I know how to help you learn and use the SUPERPOWERS that can change the way you see things. So let's do it together and become part of a new generation of SUPERHUMANS with INCREDIBLE SUPERPOWERS.

Some of the best secrets [revealed] in this class:


Remember people need to be HeardSeen – Understood, with this you can conquer EVERYTHING.

"The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself". Sun Tzu

What people we worked with are saying about us:

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2. Micro-Expressions history

3. What they mean

4. From the monkeys to the humans- Coco The gorilla

5. Multicultural – Age – Gender – Race Religion – Beliefs

6. The Psychology of Emotions

7. Not a way to detect liars but to be used to pair with other behaviors

8. Anger

9. Happiness

10. Dislike

11. Fear

12. Surprise

13. Sadness

14. Contempt

15. Why Surprise is so DANGEROUS

16. The 2 micro-expressions nobody teaches - only for you


1. Upper Body

2. Lower Body

3. Gestures

4. Pacifiers

5. Tone

6. Voice

7. More than 100 features explained


1. History

2. Studies

3. Uses

4. How to do and use a profile

5. 3 zones

6. Symmetry

7. Love vs Business

8. Small Ears

9. Big Ears

10. High Ears



 11. Low Ears

 12. High Proxemic

 13. Low Proxemic

 14. Round Eyebrows

 15. Straight Eyebrows

16. Pointy Eyebrows

17. Big Mouth

18. Small Mouth

19. Big Chin

20. Small Chin


  • History of the use of language in legal, police, and life.
  • Famous cases where the language was used to catch a liar.
  • The basic techniques that are used to determine lies and deception and get whatever you want from any situation.

Pay attention to Language

1. Pronouns

2. Tenses

3. The Why in the statement

4. Order of things (importance)

5. Change of language

6. People (introductions)

7. The sequence of events

8. Negative sentences

9. Vocabulary

10. Time

11. Compound questions -How and Where-

12. How to ask questions without making questions  - ELICITATION

13. Verbal mirroring

14. Opened / Ended questions



BONUS 1 - Face Reading Profiling for you or someone else - AS A GIFT - 5 basic features. $19.97

BONUS 2 – 13 Behavior Myths you need to stop with the science and studies. $79.31


BONUS 4 - More than 150 pages of studies for you to keep. $13.89

BONUS 5 - Every other month, a live Open Class to practice, ask questions, and interact with your community. This is recorded for you to watch at any time.



Let's land the plane and put it all together

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"I would have sworn it was magic if she didn't have me doing it within 15 minutes.  Susan Ibitz is a phenomenon and an incredible talent in every way but what makes her class so worthwhile is the fact that she is a very capable instructor and had me and my classmates capable of accurately reading faces within the first hour.  If you are looking for ways to differentiate yourself or give yourself that "unfair advantage" over your competitors or in negotiations, look no further.  You MUST take this class."

Samuel I. Tanios

CEO | Human Elements Consulting

"Thank you for taking the time to do this for me are the coolest thing I've seen in a long while! I hands down I want to do what you do!  I showed my wife, she said it was spot on my face reading."

Jody S 

"I had no idea that my face was giving my secrets away all these years!  What a truly fascinating practice and so accurate.  The webinar on face reading not only affirmed what I already knew about myself, but it gave me tremendous insight into how to communicate optimally with others, simply based on facial features and subtle expressions.  This takes EQ to a whole new level and beyond.  This is undoubtedly the most useful skill I’ve come across in my 25 years working in Real Estate. I intend to do a deep dive into this practice with Susan in the very near future. She is skillful, sharp, engaging, and made the coursework really fun.  A testament to my interest is that I took the class on my birthday.  It was the best birthday gift and one that I am certain will increase my profits in 2023.  Thank you, Susan!”

Diane C. Tanios

Vice President | Tancor, Inc

I interviewed Susan for The Inside BS Show. Her incredible gift for understanding people absolutely blew me away. Susan delivered tremendous value to my audience and me right from the beginning of our time together. She was able to cold read me, while we were on the show, and her assessment was spot-on.

The quality I admire most in Susan is her practical application of human psychology in business. She demonstrated this in example after example in the fields of sales, interpersonal relationships, and the practice of law. Susan is an expert, consultant, and storyteller. She has the ability to captivate an audience and assist in persuading them to see a new point of view.

Susan has my highest recommendation for any work that involves influence and persuasion. Engage her to be your secret weapon to close the next big deal or win the next big case.

Dave Lorenzo

The Godfather of Growth

"It's not every day someone you don't know looks at you with a perplexed look and tells you everything about who you are, and even who you could be.

Susan Ibitz is one of the most fascinating individuals I have ever met, and has a trained skill that now has me looking at her perplexed. She connects, inspires and educates and will be an asset to you or your company if you just look in her direction."

Jeff Peterson

CEO | Geneva Supply

After just a 15-minute phone conversation with Susan, she sized me up very accurately just by hearing my voice— I was hugely impressed

Marty Gilbert

NSENG Founder | CEO & Job Search Coach

Susan has facilitated two of the most highly attended workshops offered at the Career Transitions Center –not only is the topic intriguing and fascinating within the context of career transition – Susan’s passion and professional knowledge in this area are compelling.

Her programs on Body Language, Micro-Expressions, Face Reading Techniques help our clients be more aware of how they (and others) communicate – beyond the words they speak, which is indeed another dimension of “emotional intelligence”.

She offers science, skills-know-how and fun in her workshops! She takes the time to listen to the participants to tailor the 2nd program to address their specific interests and concerns.

She then offers pragmatic ways for clients to prepare for networking, interviewing (both in-person and via video/visual settings).

With this information they can be even more present to inter-personal cues in order to respond more fully and quickly. In their own words, CTC Client have shared:

  • Both workshops combined were excellent. I now have knowledge that I can use every day. The instructor was a very engaging speaker and smart as a whip!
  • I loved Susan's energy and humor! She was very engaging.

Blanche Roberts

CTC Chicago

re:work training is a nonprofit career training program focused on tech sales and we rely on volunteer coaches to provide expertise that will help our candidates succeed.

Susan's presentation on applying micro-expression and face-reading analysis to everyday sales process was one of our most enjoyable and engaging classes to date based on candidate feedback.

The insight Susan shared will also benefit our candidates well beyond prospecting buyers and help them better navigate a professional setting and work relationships, which our huge value adds for individuals who may have never worked in tech or an office environment before.

Susan has helped re:work internally by accurately analyzing how we work together and giving advice on how to improve our team dynamics.

For this skill, she is a big hit at our community events where she has given guests insight into their own personalities and how to apply human behavior analysis and face-reading on the fly to improve professional and personal outcomes.

We would highly recommend her for any event where developing this type of skill set would be useful.

Shelton Banks

CEO | Re:Work Training

I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to look at my former boss's photo and profiling her for me.  The information has been so validating for me. You are so good at what you do! I'm very much looking forward to your workshop tomorrow morning!


First off, I wanted to thank you for coming to speak to us tonight at Loyola University. I thoroughly enjoyed your talk and it truly reminded me why I got interested in psychology in the first place... to be able to understand people and see how they are and why they may do certain things and predict their behavior.


Susan is a great personality. Engaging and takes time to help students.



Both workshops combined were excellent. I now have knowledge that I can use every day. The instructor was a very engaging speaker and smart as a whip!



My first-time meeting & learning from Susan Ibitz BA, SCAn,CFR III,MBTI was a two hour one on one session. Imagine sitting with someone who is a face reader, micro expression and body language specialist, and a master linguist..! There’s nowhere to hide! She’s someone I want on my team!

Scott Tillema

Police Lieutenant | TEDx | Negotiation Instructor

“Solely from looking at a photo on a website, Susan Ibitz of Human Behavior Lab provided me with a remarkable, spot-on assessment of a lawyer on the opposite side of my case. Her insight helped me to tailor my negotiation style and bring the case to settlement.

Steven B. | Chicago lawyer

I am one of your biggest fans! Thank you for dedicating your Friday time and coming to share your gifts, talents and learnings. I have been enriched by each class I attended.


Thanks a million for a truly incredible session yesterday! I can’t wait for next week!


Susan Ibitz gave a fascinating lecture to a group at the Levy Senior Center in October 2019. The audience was intrigued and listened intently, spellbound by Ms. Ibitz's research and photographic examples. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your knowledge with us!


My charity hosted an evening of roundtables that included some of the most impressive and influential Chicago executives and trendsetters.

Susan was hand-picked by the leadership board as one of these chosen mentors, and she absolutely blew everyone away within the first 5 minutes of her presentation.

As an event speaker, Susan's ability to genuinely connect with everyone at the table by simply sharing her knowledge and skills truly sets her apart from other presenters. The attending young professionals could not stop discussing how interesting her insights were and what a valuable learning resource she was to them.

Now, a year later, she is at the top of our list to invite as a returning mentor.

Not only is Susan one of the most fascinating people I've ever heard speak, but she is also incredibly kind and extremely generous with her time. She would be an asset to any event you choose to host.

Katie Intrater

Israeli Cancer Association

This lady is something I have never seen in my life. Her skill to read the human being is literally INSANE! She is so talented, real, human. You can’t help but be in absolute shock when you hear here prove her qualifications. She read my face and I’ve never had someone get inside my soul within three minutes. She has such a great energy and all I want to do is spend more time with her!!! I can’t say enough good things!!!!!

Liat Sacks, M.Ed, BCBA

Founder | StudyNotesABA

Susan is driven by expanding mutual knowledge. Her quest to learn how something works and then share, teach, mentor and train is the drive that keeps her up late at night and offer so much of herself for the advancement of her peers, colleagues, students and friends. Her classes are filled with enlightenment and entertainment, with a bunch of "I don't believe it!". Then she shows you why to believe it.