Exploring Facial Expressions "Mastering Communication: Learn Micro Expressions for Success"

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Mastering Communication: Learn Micro Expressions for Success

  • Studies in Micro-Expressions have proved that "feedback from facialexpression affects emotional expression and Behavior" Davis and Palladino -  (2000).
  • Research by Karen Machleit, University of Cincinnati, shows the right Micro-Expressions improve the buyer's experience.
  • It is not anger that can destroy relationships but criticism, which can be read on the face ( Dr. Gottman, 1980).
  • Discover how subtle cues reveal positive and negative micro-expressions hidden in the subconscious mind. Unlock the secret language of emotions.

Some of the topics we teach you in this class:

  • Cracking the Code: How to Read Micro Expressions Like a Pro
  • Macro Expressions
  • Micro-Expressions
  • The 2 Micro-Expressions nobody teaches you 
  • The meaning of each expression
  • What to do when you see them 
  • Are emotions contagious 
  • Emotions in animals and humans


“Susan Ibitz is a global expert in face reading and is paid to teach others how to do what she does”.

Psychology Today

Susan Ibitz is the human equivalent of a polygraph machine.

Robert Nagler Miller

"Daaaaamn, “I thought to myself.” After getting read by her.”

Jerry Davich - Chicago Tribune

“Susan Ibitz is my secret weapon; I wish I had found her 15 years earlier”.

Athena Kasvkisi - Fastest Deal in the history of Shark Tank

“Ibitz runs Human Behavior Lab and is one of the world’s foremost experts in Face Reading. She uses her rare skills to help others become better salespeople and consultants.”.

WGN Radio 720

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Learning micro-expressions offers a multitude of valuable outcomes. Firstly, you'll become an adept communicator, able to decipher concealed emotions and thoughts in real-time. This skill enhances your relationships, both personal and professional, by making your connections and understanding deeper.

Mastering micro-expressions gives you a remarkable advantage in negotiations, interviews, and conflict resolution. You'll be able to detect sincerity or deception, make informed decisions and avoid potential failure.

On a personal level, understanding micro-expressions helps in self-awareness. By recognizing your own emotions, you can manage reactions, making interactions smoother and more effective.

Learning micro-expressions empowers you with a potent toolbox for improved communication, insightful interactions, and a greater grasp of the intricate nuances of human behavior.

 If you are:

  • Sales Professional
  • Executive
  • Recruiter
  • Health Professional
  • Lawyer
  • Pharma rep
  • Someone who deals with other people daily

And no matter the profession or personal interest, studying MICRO-EXPRESSIONS empowers individuals to become better communicators, decision-makers, and understanders of human behavior.

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In just 30 minutes a day:  

In essence, learning micro-expressions equips you with a set of skills that can enrich your personal, professional, and emotional life, enhancing your overall understanding of human behavior and interactions.

Only 19 units to get your final goal


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